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Many companies don’t need an audit by law but choose to do so as there are tremendous benefits available. There might be occasions where you want to carry out an audit if you have large amounts of stock or if your bank or outside investors requires one.

At Accountancy & Taxation Services, we can provide accurate and comprehensive small business bookkeeping services in London, tailored to suit your specific business needs.

Personal tax and tax on property

Completing a tax return can be stressful experience, even if there are only a few entries to make. There are various filing deadlines to meet depending on your personal circumstances. As the deadlines approach, the task can seem more and more daunting.


We can help by preparing accurate and timely tax returns complete with an analysis to see if any savings can be made.


We can also advise you what expenditure is allowable against property income. Before selling your assets, we can advise of the potential capital gains tax and ways of minimising these.


Statutory services

Every year there are new requirements for companies which can be confusing and time consuming. We can help you by setting up a limited company as well as to act as registered office and company secretary.

A limited company that is based in the UK is subject to corporation tax on any profits. Along with limited companies, clubs and societies, trade associations, housing associations and even co-operatives may also be subject to corporation tax.


If your company is liable for Corporation tax, it must be filed to HMRC on annual basis. This is also the case for annual accounts. Late filing will incur in paying fines and unwanted interest payments.


We can help you by offering to prepare your company tax return and speak to the revenue on your behalf, as well as dealing with any tax enquiries which may arise.

Understanding corporation tax

If you are thinking of starting up a limited company, you will be required to file yearly accounts with HM Revenue and Customs and Companies House. This requires filing and not doing so results in late filing fines which may lead to your company being struck off.


We offer a complete service that takes care of annual year end accounts accurately and on time. In addition to this, we can minimise your tax liability and start planning the best strategies at the start of the tax year so you don’t miss out on any potential tax savings.

Do you need help with year-end accounts?

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